Tree Removal1

When To Remove a Tree

Tree Removal

can be one of the most deadly and dangerous practices in regard to your trees. Tree removal, even when done right, brings inherent risks that could affect you in many ways, including the destruction of your hard-earned house and property! The right gear should be used, the right knowledge should be implemented, and a good reason are imperative to getting your tree safely to the ground.

Click here to Contact us with your tree Emergency

Click here to Contact us with your tree Emergency

The decision to remove a tree should be a well-thought-out one. The following are reasons that a tree should be removed:

  • Dead tree - obviously!
  • Mushrooms or fungus growing along the roots or trunk
  • Upper part of the tree that is over 50% dead
  • Hollowing or rotting out of the trunk of the tree
  • Leaning is more pronounced than in the past
  • Too close to your home
  • Causing foundation issues
  • Undesirable tree 

Trust your tree removal to the pros at US Tree Care to ensure that your tree removal is 1) the right decision, and 2) is done safely and efficiently!