I’m thoroughly impressed by the response time, professionalism, quality of work, and value. US Tree Care has quickly earned all of my business.
— Amber Neal
I never knew tree trimming could be such fun! They were all very friendly and knowledgeable. They told me exactly what type of trimming my trees needed and pruned in a way that not only made my trees grow in the proper direction but also kept them very healthy for years to come. I love that they didn’t just come in and hack limbs. It was a very thoughtful process. I will definitely call them in for next year’s pruning. Thanks guys!!!
— Cynthia Zink
Mr. Latham is a very knowledgable Arborist. He and his crews trimmed my trees and corrected a root growth issue I didn’t even know I had. My trees look wonderful and my investment will flourish for many years to come. Very professional. I would definitely recommend and will use again myself in the future.
— Jackie Gray
I had a great experience with US Tree Care. The workers were competent, friendly, and professional. They finished the job in a timely manner, and the rate was very reasonable. They also provide a warranty on their work against any storm damage for 1 year after the time of the pruning. Great value and peace of mind!
— David Daniels


Our Commitment to excellence!

US Tree Care holds itself and its tree care practices to the utmost highest standards. In fact, there are strict standards that we adhere to in all of our tree care practices, and we are constantly updated our tree care practices as new research reveals better was to care for your trees. 

As a team, we regularly attend industry functions, and are members of the most predominant industry associations so that we are constantly receiving the most up to date tree care education to better care for your trees!

About US Tree Care

Who we are as a culture of tree care pros

As the catalyst for the industry US Tree Care provides a safe nationally recognized culture of excellence. US Tree Care is a professional, trustworthy, and sought out company, built around education and community impact.

US Tree Care provides a safe and trustworthy environment for the most sought after arborist to practice excellence and integrity, while constantly receiving the most up to date industry education. 

That's our culture statement, and we live, and work by it! by creating a culture of Caring Professionals, US Tree Care brings a level of service that is matched by none (okay, few!).